Ballistics, Atmospherics, and Range Card

BallisticsARC is a mobile external ballistics app available for iOS and Android devices. BallisticsARC combines the utility of a ballistics calculator, an atmospheric device, and a GPS rangefinder into one affordable package.


BallisticsARC is powered by an advanced solver and includes an extensive bullet library. Additional FREE features include muzzle velocity truing and WeatherFlow integration.

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Capture on-site weather and wind with the Precision Shooting WEATHERmeter and WINDmeter. Both devices are compatible with the FREE version of BallisticsARC.

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Map Mode includes a GPS rangefinder and is available for FREE with 1 custom rifle. Use this feature to range targets, build range cards, and create quick ballistic solutions.

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The WeatherFlow WINDmeter for Precision Shooting was designed for BallisticsARC and allows shooters to capture on-site wind speed and direction with accuracy and ease.

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The WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter for Precision Shooting was designed for BallisticsARC and allows shooters to capture wind, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, and density altitude.

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BallisticsARC is the most powerful FREE ballistics calculator available. Included in the free version is a bullet library, weather hardware integration, and muzzle velocity truing.

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