BallisticsARC is the most powerful FREE ballistics calculator app available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and most Android devices. Included in the free version is Chart Mode. Chart Mode produces a traditional spreadsheet-style dope chart and offers a bullet library with over 2500 projectiles, weather hardware integration, and auto shot bearing and shot angle features.

With a premium upgrade, users gain additional access to Map Mode where they can range targets with our GPS rangefinder, add unlimited custom rifle profiles, and build/save satellite imagery range cards. BallisticsARC is available now on the App Store and Google Play.


Advanced 3DOF PM solver


Online API or WeatherFlow hardware

Range Card

Online maps, or offline chart

The root of the BallisticsARC software is overlaying ballistic data for quick visual reference.

Charts and graphs are the traditional standards for displaying ballistic data, but now there is a quicker and more efficient method with GeoBallistics overlays. Simply by dropping pins on a satellite image of your location, line styles and colors will instantly convey the data you need to know. GeoBallistics overlays are useful for any situation where ballistic performance is a concern including; traditional rifle hunting, long range shooting, sniper competitions, mountain hunting and more.

In addition, range cards tend to be tedious and out of scale. BallisticsARC allows the creation of an instant and accurate range card for dynamic situations and constant readiness. Our ballistics calculator for iOS and Android devices has been field proven and is easy to use. Give us a shot, and we’ll make sure the first one counts.

Overlay Variables:

  • Max Vital RangeMVR is the maximum range where a bullet strikes within a desired vital area without elevation adjustment.
  • Energy ThresholdEt is the minimum energy that a shooter desires to deliver to a target.
  • Velocity ThresholdVt is the minimum velocity that a shooter desires to maintain to a target.

Target range and solution

Bullet exits MVR

Bullet exits ET

Bullet exits VT