GeoBallistics has 4 modes; HUD, Chart, Map, and Comp. In Chart Mode and Comp Mode, shooting position is established by populating the GPS coordinates in the Location data field. In Map Mode, shooting position is established by dropping a shooter pin. Any variable can be manipulated on the fly, and solutions will respond immediately. Shooting data is always displayed as a corrective solution, never as a bullet’s path. For example, U 5mil means dial or hold Up 5 mils, and R 6in would mean dial or hold Right 6 inches. Below is a recommended order of operations. If you like GeoBallistics, the best compliment you could give would be to leave us a review in the App Store or Google Play. Most of all, we want to say thank you for trusting us with your shooting solutions.

  1. Build a Rifle
  2. Choose a Mode
  3. Establish Position
  4. Obtain Atmospherics

App User Manual