BallisticsARC® ranges targets accurately without the use of a laser range finder in most conditions.
Range is measured simply by dropping pins on the map.

BallisticsARC Map Mode uses the WGS 84 geodetic datum to derive GPS coordinates for it’s rangefinding feature. This is the current standard for mobile maps, and it produces coordinate accuracy of about 3m throughout the continental United States, however testing has shown that ranging accuracy is typically within 1m.

BallisticsARC allows users to try out this feature in the free download available now in the App Store. The sample range will allow you to add and delete targets and get a feel for Map Mode before purchasing the upgrade. Users will not be able to delete the shooter pin or build new ranges in the free version.

The sample range is ETTS Gun Range in Waxahachie, Texas, and it is conveniently located 30 minutes south of Dallas. Extreme Tactics and Training Solutions hosts pistol, 3-gun, and long gun competitions, and their rifle range has steel targets all the way to 1200 yards.

BallisticsARC Map Mode is available as an in-app purchase for $14.99. Map Mode allows users to utilize the GPS rangefinder with custom rifles and GeoBallistics profiles. Users can also build and save custom range cards for a desired hunting area or area of operation for future use.