WEATHERmeter for Precision Shooting


The WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter for Precision Shooting was designed for BallisticsARC and allows shooters to capture a complete on-site atmospheric profile including wind, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, and density altitude. See detailed specs below.

As of May 2019, the WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter is no longer being manufactured with an internal compass. BallisticsARC will default to use the compass of the user’s mobile device.

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The WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter integrates seamlessly with the BallisticsARC mobile app to provide long-range shooters with a complete atmospheric profile. Bluetooth Smart (BLE) technology allows this weather meter to pair instantly to your mobile device for quick sampling.

  • Wind Speed : 2 to 125 mph (+/- 0.5% or .2mph)
  • Barometric Pressure: 8.86 to 32.48 inhg (+/- 0.004 inhg)
  • Temperature, Wind Chill, Heat Index, and Dew Point: -40 to 185F (+/- 0.5F)
  • Humidity: 0 to 95% (+/- 3%)
  • Density Altitude: displays as ft or meters (derived from temp, station pressure, and rel humidity)

Compatibility and Additional features include:

  • Direct integration with BallisticsARC mobile app  as well as other 3rd party apps
    • iOS 7.0 or later on iPhone 4s, iPad 3, iPad mini, or newer
    • most Android devices with Jelly Bean 4.3 or later
  • 3v, CR 2450 coin cell battery with >500 hours battery life
  • Auto power off (30 seconds after closing app or connection loss)
  • Includes hard case for storage
  • 3-year warranty

Note: As of May 2019, this device is no longer being manufactured with an internal compass. BallisticsARC will automatically default to use the compass located within the mobile device.