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What is included in the free version of GeoBallistics®?

GeoBallistics® is available as a free download in the App Store and Google Play. The free version allows the use of one custom rifle available in every mode. Also free in this version is compatibility with all WeatherFlow® hardware. To add additional rifles or save/export range cards, you must purchase the PRO version.

Do I have to buy the PRO version again?

We cannot charge you twice for GeoBallistics® under the same purchasing ID. There are built-in safeguards provided by Google and Apple to prevent this. You only have to purchase again if you switch operating systems: PRO purchases do not transfer between iOS and Android.

First, try hitting Restore. If the Restore fails, proceed to the next step.

Next, if you're certain you've already purchased PRO under the current ID, you may go through the purchase process again without being charged. This is the surest way to get back into the PRO version.

Why can I only get online weather in Texas in GeoBallistics®?

For GeoBallistics® to reference your current location for online weather, you must update your location coordinates (Chart Mode & Comp Mode) or place a shooter pin (Map Mode) in your current location. The system will reference the most recently used mode. It is not necessary for each mode to reflect the same location. Online weather calls will only reference the mode you were using directly before entering the weather screen.