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The Armory is where rifles are built and stored. In the free version of BallisticsARC, you have access to only one rifle. This rifle can be edited indefintely, and we find many users get all the tools they need from our free version.

By upgrading to the PRO version, you get unlimited rifle entries and have the option to create an online account to sync your rifle data in the cloud on This means your rifle information is availble by simply logging in to any device with the PRO version installed.

The Armory includes an expansive library of projectile data to start building your rifles with. Choose from over 2,500 bullets, and customize your build with data you collect. Functionality is built into the app to true ballistics calculations to your exact specifications.

Additionally, we offer a Notes section within each Rifle Profile that allows the user to track important information including round count, alterations, and upgrades. The information entered will live on the cloud for PRO users and will be pushed to other logged in devices.

Need Help?

This form is the best way to notify us of a customer service issue. Most customer service issues will require an email at some point anyways, and this form is the best first step to start the process. Please include as much info as possible including your phone model and cell carrier.

If you’d  like to request an addition or an edit to the bullet library, use this form for that as well. We can make the change almost immediately.

Thank you.

-the GB team