About Us

GeoBallisitics® was formed in 2014 by two friends, Jeff and Joe. They were operating a nighttime feral hog and predator hunting business when Jeff had the brilliant idea of leveraging satellite imagery on a smartphone for ranging targets at night. This idea has evolved into a complete long-range shooting suite with over 100,000 downloads and a userbase comprised of hunters, law enforcement, competitive shooters, and military personnel.

In 2023, GeoBallistics® was acquired by Vortex®. With both companies dedicated to empowering new shooters by making long-range easier, and providing veteran shooters the robust tools they need, it’s a partnership we couldn’t be more excited about.

GeoBallistics® Customer Support: 1-800-4VORTEX (1-800-486-7839), or send emails to support@geoballistics.com.